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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sad but Glad

I sold E.V.A. 5.0 today at the Boskone 46 Science Fiction Convention in Boston, MA. Sad that I will no longer have the piece in my possession, but glad that someone enjoyed the piece enough to say "Mmmm, me want." Also sold 6 prints, so almost broke even. Sigh.
Boskone was more fun for me than last week's New York Comic Con and more inspirational. I got to meet Greg Manchess and we spent a quality 5 minutes together checking out my art on display and getting some important insight from a master.
Also picked up some pointers and/or new ways of thinking about digital art from Dave Seeley and Stephan Martiniere. As I always say, "the best is yet to come" and I still feel it!
Also, picked up "Saturn in G Minor" from the Hygienic Art Show today. It was great to lurk behind onlookers and hear their comments as they saw the piece during opening night a couple of weeks ago. I always get a kick out of being incognito and listening to people's reaction to my art. It does help keep the excitement level up for me.


Dave C. said...

Randall, I didn't mention this to you when I saw you at Boskone, but maybe you'll appreciate this retroactively. At one point, someone asked me to show them your artwork, and we couldn't get near it--there was a group of six people in that little cubicle oohing and ahhing at your stuff. Nice.

Randall Ensley said...

Thanks Dave C. for everything! That is a very nice comment about the onlookers!