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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Greg Manchess Art Demonstration

Photo from Mikaya Press

As mentioned in the "Sad but Glad" post below, I was fortunate enough to meet artist Greg Manchess over the weekend at Boskone 46. He was very nice and offered many helpful hints about art and painting. I squeezed as much as I possibly could into 5 minutes with him as we stood in front of a panel displaying my art.
I want to link to both his website and a video demonstration presented by Massive Black on YouTube which shows some of his oil painting process in the painting "Above the Timberline." Even if you aren't an artist, this should prove entertaining and enlightening (and it is only about 6 minutes long.) More on this demo at

"Above the Timberline" Demonstration
Greg Manchess Website
Sad but Glad

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