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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Image Copyright Randall Ensley

As promised, here is some recent artwork. The illustration is called "Primetime" and appears in the science fiction anthology, L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future vol. XXIII. The picture illustrates the story "Primetime" by Douglas Texter. The story is about time travel, TV ratings and takes place in the future where everybody wears Spandex, or at least they do in my vision of the future.
The authors of the stories appearing in the book do not know what the illustrations look like prior to a big, super-secret unveiling where the illustrators present a beautiful framed print of the artwork to the respective writers. Doug Texter disclosed to me that he was just hoping that the artist who got his story would convey one message; "BOOM!" He intimated upon reveal that I did not let him down.

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K_tigress said...

Humm looks like a dream or a bit of a nightmare. Depends how you look at it.

Randall Ensley said...

For such a mellow guy I do have disturbing visions...