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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Latest Reads

I just finished John Love's debut novel, Faith, and found it hard to put down. It is difficult to describe, but, if you like Star Trek or other spaceship themed science-fiction and are looking for something different and familiar at the same time, then I recommend this book.

After the new year, I read Sixth Column by Robert Heinlein. I had never heard of it despite having read or thinking I knew most of his books. I found out about this one on a Facebook ad for then googled a bit about it to find out more. The blurbs seemed intriguing, so I ordered it through the library system.
I can say it represents his work at his very beginning and he is definitely working on becoming a science fiction novelist with this early work. Interesting and more of a trip into the world of the author's time period and worldview than into deep science fiction. Read it, it's short.

My birthday present I could not believe. The collected stories of Harlem Heroes and Inferno from the British comic book 2000 AD. I was (deeply) into comics and science fiction in my adolescence. I was friends with an older, more avid collector/dealer who gave me a bunch of great comics for helping him with organization and sales. Among these were some 20 to 30 British comics like early 2000 AD "progs" and assorted war comics. This was early Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, et cetera. There was a series called Inferno which featured a team of US ex-Aeroball players who were now playing in a similar game, Inferno. Rollerball with jetpacks. Loved it and the artwork by Massimo Bellardinelli. So imagine my surprise to see an approximately 300 page book featuring all of the stories collected in one edition with a simple but stunning cover. I have just started reading it and am transported to the 70's.

From Amazon:

One of my favorite contemporary authors is Tim Powers. Read anything and I believe that you will be looking for his other books. I can recommend starting with The Anubis Gates, Declare, or, The Drawing of the Dark. Excellent! So, I am excited to have his latest novel, Hide Me Among the Graves now on my shelf.


premier paving said...

so nothing recent Randall, have you moved to another blog platform?

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Randall Ensley said...

I am still here Premier! I did a very large skull illustration you can see in the post "Hygienic Art Show 34"