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Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Memoriam: Gene Colan - Marvel Artist Extraordinaire

I have been meaning to post about the passing of Gene Colan since the moment I heard the sad news. What an inspirational and talented artist this was. My favorite work by Gene Colan is the cover of Iron-Man number 1 seen here. It is so iconic to me that when I discovered a t-shirt design with this image on it I had to have it.

Gene Colan had a way of portraying motion in his comic art that was truly unique. This picture showing DareDevil, which Colan contributed heavily to in the Silver Age, hopefully shows what I mean. The impression of previous stages of movement behind the character is very creative and he did it best!

Another venue where Marvel showcased "Genial" Gene Colan's art was the horror title Dracula. His method of portraying the mystical and transformative were so well done. His style stood out to me as a kid who had aspirations for art.

Here is a link to the Gene Colan website where you can see covers from his Tomb of Dracula run.

I had heard he was ill and there were fund raisers etc. for him, but to learn of his death has had me reminiscing for a couple of months now. A truly unique and wonderful artist who added so much to the Silver Age of comics and to my life through his inspirational art.

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