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Saturday, June 4, 2011

All Star Superman

Image Copyright DC and Frank Quitely

I just finished reading the 12 issue series All-Star Superman published circa 2008 by DC. Thoroughly enjoyable and deals with some interesting topics including mortality. The art by Frank Quitely I was only vaguely familiar with and found it fit perfectly with the narrative by Grant Morrison. I would highly recommend the series. It can be found collected in two volumes containing issues 1-6 and 7-12. If you can't locate it, use the great American resource of your public library. They are usually connected with each other and can order mostly any graphic novel you are interested in as an inter-library loan. I am currently reading the entire Akira series...huge 7 volume set of 80's manga...checked out from my library. Can't wait.

I was especially touched by the Bizarro world story. I found it a very worthwhile story within the series. I am curious to see the animated movie based on All-Star Superman as I've heard very positive buzz.


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