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Friday, February 4, 2011

Don Davis: Space Artist Extraordinaire

All art copyright Don Davis.

In the 70's I was reading comic books and UFO magazines at a prodigious rate. I graduated to Famous Monsters of Filmland and various space-themed magazines and books. Omni, Starlog, Carl Sagan, Gerard O'Neill and other space futurist genre media were influential in my view of art. I developed an appreciation for specific artists during this span, among them Chesley Bonestell, Virgil Finlay, Don Davis, Frank Frazetta and more. I can remember always drawing, even from an early age and the space art I was exposed to, I began to explore in my own drawings, in my crude way.
Don Davis' art I really enjoy for his hyper-realism. He takes you "there" in his images and puts the viewer in the state of actual observer. I can remember his "High Frontier" paintings vividly. I have more appreciation for him the more I delve into his impressive biography.
His art is iconic and part of the modern culture of space and science art. I hope you'll visit his website.
Don Davis Space Art

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