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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Science Fiction Art of Stephen Hickman

The Astronomer Prince
© Stephen Hickman
© 2008 Stephen Hickman

Image copyright Stephen Hickman
All Rights Reserved

One of my favorite science fiction artists has always been Stephen Hickman. I am an avid SF reader and his art adorns many of the book covers in the Science Fiction section of bookstores. Famous for his Tolkien, Lovecraft and own creations, I am just learning tonight that his art is on over 400 book covers. Amazing!

I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2006 Writers of the Future awards where he was part of a week long artists workshop given to the Illustrator winners. What good advice he gave and interest he displayed in the aspiring artists!

Here is a link to his website:
Stephen Hickman

And here is a link to a summary bibliography of his work
Stephen Hickman book cover bibliography


Joni Labaqui said...

Hi Randall. Nice post and thanks for compliment on the contest and workshop. Not sure if or when you ever make it to Hollywood, but do consider this an open invitation for you to come by and pay us a visit anytime you are here.

Randall Ensley said...
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Randall Ensley said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my post. What a pleasure it was to be one of the winners of the Illustrators of the Future contest. I made lasting friendships and got to meet and get advice from some of the biggest luminaries in the Science Fiction and Fantasy field. Certainly the workshop week was fantastic and to get advice from Stephen Hickman, Ron and Val Lindahn, Cliff Nielsen, Tim Powers, Kevin J. Anderson, Dave Wolverton,Sean Williams and countless others was just amazing. And the trip to Hollywood for the Awards ceremony. Fantastic!
Thanks for all of your help.
A highlight of my career.