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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hygienic Art Show XXXII

This past Saturday was the annual Hygienic Art Show opening night. This marks, probably, the tenth straight year that I have participated in the show. The opening night is great and packed with people, although this year, maybe too many. Or the line just wasn't moving or something. I still haven't been to the whole show. I basically snuck downstairs where there were less crowds, thoroughly perused the artwork, went outside to watch some seriously cool fire-dancing, and split.
The Hygienic Art Gallery is located in downtown New London, CT. Last year I was lucky enough to run into Doc Hammer of Venture Bros. fame as he was taking down a piece he had in the show. It is always interesting and open to all with no entry fee, censorship, no judges, juries, etc. Just free expression a la Salon Des Independants.
Below is a preliminary sketch of this year's piece in the show. It is a study for something...I just don't know quite what yet. I got the idea after attending the amazing M.C. Escher show last fall at the New Britain Museum of American Art.

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