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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Crushed Childhood Dreams for Sale

Look, I had great toys...but, it's time for them to go. Some that are designed well or good graphics I feel might be right to post. That top one of the Cylon Raider from the OG (Original Galactica, Boooy) launched many a space fantasy of mine, probably. Unless it is all confabulation.
Anyway, you can see how I surrounded myself in fantasy and sci-fi during the stages "The Dawn of Awareness" and "Ooh, A Girl. Soft."
There are probably hundreds of toys that I am unloading.
As to the lack of posting to the blog, my apologies. Pure sloth and pride at work. I am working on a "big for me" art project that is taking a lot of research time. More about this later, but, did you know there are some Gruesome pictures on the web of the aftermaths of motorcycle accidents? Ughhh!


Corey said...

The Spider man bank is nice, but how much for the Pepsi can?!

Randall Ensley said...

Shown for scale! I have a movie poster for sale now..."Grizzly" art by Neal Adams.
Did CD tell you about the "Secret Project" I am working on???

Corey said...

CD has not mentioned the "Secret Project". So the "Secret" remains!