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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I think it is now time to admit to the world my true love for the 1975 Norman Jewison film "Rollerball." Much reviled through the years for its focus on violence, I think the underlying message of the film, the triumph of the individual over the corporate/industrial complex is lost by some amid the flames and carnage. OK, OK, violent yes, but by today's standards pretty tame. I just saw an online ad for the animated movie "Turok" and the 1 minute 30 second trailer is equally as violent as the whole of Rollerball. I am looking for who currently owns the rights to the characters as I'd like to revive the franchise through a graphic novel or short series. Perfect for Dark Horse or Virgin. I am surprised by the number of science fiction fans who've never seen the movie, so, I would suggest, please do so!
Above you'll see an illustration of Number 6 for Houston, Jonathan E, by me, along with a foreign movie poster and very cool faux poster of an upcoming Houston vs. Madrid match courtesy of
Please don't hold this against me...I like "Casablanca" and "Lawrence of Arabia" too...
If you want a signed print of Jonathan E contact me.

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