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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great News!

I found out today that I was fortunate enough to be awarded Third Place at the 65th Annual CT Artists Exhibition. First place went to an extraordinary rendering by the talented Ian Pawluk , Second Place to the amazing Christopher Zhang, whose work I believe I have seen at the Courtyard Gallery in Mystic, CT and has been exhibited extensively and received numerous accolades. It is an honor to have received an award in the company of these two fine artists. The juror was Steven Holmes who is currently the curator of the Cartin Collection in Hartford, CT.


jorge almeida said...

Randall, congrats on your strong finish in the Slater Competition. You were very deserving of the award. Keep it going. I love this blog as well.


Randall Ensley said...

Thanks Jorge,
I can't wait to see your "web presence"!
I loved your piece in the show as well. You are the portrait king. Did you see the article on Barkley Hendricks in the New London Day last week?