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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Key of Pain Redux

This art is a companion piece to "Key of Pain" originally published in 2001. The story, Key to Pain, by Linda Wood, detailed the travails of a master violinist-conductor who is injured in a car accident and is no longer able to play the violin. Science has the answer, however, and our anti-hero (he is a cad prior to the accident like all us temperamental artists) is able to produce beautiful music again if hooked up to a "nerve harp" and given a mind deteriorating drug cocktail. I hope the illustration Key of Pain, seen below in post from January 15, 2008, and this illustration capture the essence of the story and entice the reader to check it out. There is another illustration in this series and I'll post it in the future. As previously mentioned, this was my first published illustration package and I was lucky enough to get a story with plenty of imagery to play with. Key of Pain remains one of my most popular illustrations and it seems to appeal to many different types of populations.

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