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Friday, January 18, 2008


Cloverfield is one of those movies that I felt I should see the first night released because everyone will reveal the secrets tomorrow. It did not disappoint and was quite different for a big release movie. Very good sound and plenty of tension and intensity. Go see it before someone tells you any spoilers!
I've been looking forward to Cloverfield since first hearing of the mysterious trailer shown before Transformers and I followed a little bit of the "viral" trail online, mostly through Wikipedia. The promotional tactic worked in my case. I was hoping for some awesome trailers prior to the show but didn't get much except a sneak peak at Star Trek's Enterprise "under construction."
I will be at Plainville, CT VFW this Sunday at a comics and collectibles show, also attending a Comicbook Artists Guild meeting. Forthcoming project to be discussed soon.

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